Why Bail Bonds Are The Most Affordable Option For Getting Out Of Jail

Why Bail Bonds Are The Most Affordable Option For Getting Out Of Jail
These days, money is tight for many of us, and an unexpected expense can easily break your household budget. If a loved one is suddenly arrested, the cost of securing their release until their court date can seem like an impossible hurdle to clear. Yet allowing them to remain incarcerated means lost work, missed obligations, added stress, and time away from family. Here we’ll take a quick look at how a professional bail bondsman can be your most affordable way to get your loved one released until trial.

How Bail Works

The bail system was created to allow those accused of less severe offenses to remain free until their appointed court date. Once bail is set, the entire amount must be recovered by the court before the arrestee can be released. Bail amounts vary widely, depending upon the jurisdiction, the nature of the offense, and the likelihood that the defendant will meet their appointed court date. Generally, less severe offenses are accompanied by lower bail amounts, but quickly raising even $5,000 or $10,000 in cash is beyond the ability of many families. You can also use property—such as jewelry or a car—to secure bail. This is a property or collateral bond. Typically the court would hold the pink slip (in the case of a car) or the item itself (in the case of jewelry) until the case is resolved. The catch: if the arrestee misses any court dates, that property can be seized.

How a Bail Bondsman Can Help

Fortunately the bail bonds system provides a way for everyday people to secure bail without raising large amounts of cash or putting up the pink slip on the family car. Under the bail bonds system, you put up a fraction of the total cost, usually about 10%, and the bondsman puts up the other 90%. So to raise $5,000 bail, you’d only need to pay $500 to the bail bondsman to secure the release of your loved one.

It’s important to remember that the 10% you pay is non-refundable, regardless of the trial outcome—even if all charges are dropped. The money goes to covering the bondsman’s business expenses and overhead, as well as their expenses to assure that the arrestee makes all appointed court appearances.

Another advantage of working with a professional bondsman is that he (or she) is well acquainted with the legal system and can address your questions about the process. This can be helpful and comforting if this is your first encounter with the court system.

The important thing in this entire process is to secure your loved one’s prompt release without enduring significant financial hardship—and that, in essence, is the bail bondsman’s job.

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