A Look at Crime Rates in Georgia

A Look at Crime Rates in Georgia

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation compiles annual crime statistics using a method based on the FBI’s national reporting system. This database focuses on serious felonies and the rates of arrest and conviction for each. Let's look at the most recent report (Editor’s Note: Data for 2018 had not been compiled at the time of this writing).

The 2017 Summary Report of the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program tracked data for a range of felonies, including murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson (these are the eight crimes which the FBI combines to produce its annual crime index). The data for these offenses are shown below:

Georgia Crime Statistics

Source: https://gbi.georgia.gov/sites/gbi.georgia.gov/files/related_files/site_page/2017%20Crime%20Statistics%20Summary%20Report.pdf

For the 28-county Atlanta metropolitan statistical area, incidents of murder were highest in Fulton (124 murders), DeKalb (98 murders), and Clayton County (44 murders).

Aggravated Assault numbers were greatest in Fulton (4286 aggravated assaults),

DeKalb (2060 aggravated assaults), and Cobb County (1089 aggravated assaults).

For burglary and larceny, rates were highest in Fulton (6235 burglaries and 33,652 larcenies), DeKalb (6000 burglaries and 20,853 larcenies), Gwinnett (3342 burglaries and 13,152 larcenies), and Cobb County (2540 burglaries and 13,619 larcenies).

Robbery rates were highest in Fulton (2354 robberies), DeKalb (1535 robberies), and Gwinnett County (803 robberies). These rates also represent highs for the state of Georgia.

When compared with 2016 data, statewide rates for some violent crimes increased in 2017:

  • Murder:                   666 to 701 incidents
  • Rape:                       2407 to 2,684 incidents

While for other index crimes, rates saw decreases:

  • Robbery:                 12,069 to 9,878 incidents
  • Burglary:                 61,464 to 53,930 incidents
  • Larceny:                   214,539 to 210,997 incidents
  • MV Theft:                26,361 to 25,870 incidents
  • Arson:                      1,085 to 918 incidents

And rates for others remained steady:

  • Aggr.Assault:          23,751 to 23,258 incidents

If these numbers seem high, there is a bright side. Crime reduction continues to be a high priority in both the Georgia State House and Governor’s Mansion.

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